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Where do you get the sunflower seeds?

I was able to buy bulk organic sunflower seeds at Ada’s in Ft Myers, 4650 S. Cleveland Ave. They charge $2.19 per pound.

Can I grow sunflower sprouts from hulled sunflower seeds?

Hulled sunflower seeds will NOT grow into sunflower sprouts. I tried it and it didn’t work.   If you had a different result, please...

How do you eat the sprouts?

We use the sprouts in a salad in place of lettuce.

Where do you get those trays for sprouting?

I get the 17″ by 17″ trays from here. What soil do I use? I use this soil. The sprouts love it. It holds...

How to grow sunflower sprouts
(in your kitchen)

  How to grow sunflower sprouts. Soak 2 1/2 cups of sunflowers seeds for 8 hours. ¬†Soak them in a wide bowl. Drain in...